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Our AI-driven experience helps you identify the best franchise brands that suit your personality, goals, and finances.


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Why Qualifyi?

What if A.I. could find your perfect franchise match? Our innovative approach will analyze your unique preferences and criteria, then seamlessly connect you to the most suitable franchise brands, all while ensuring your data remains secure and private.

Trustworthy AI

Refined algorithms to
ensure accurate matches.


Tailored recommendations
based on your unique profile.

Direct Connections

Seamless connections with
leading franchise brand reps.

Data Security

Your data is always encrypted, secure, and confidential.

How It Works

Step 1

Sign Up & Start Chatting

Start your journey with a simple chat


Start the chat, no registration needed


Answer questions from our AI driven intelligent agent


Our AI-agent builds out your unique profile

Step 2

Get Qualifyi’d

Get matched with the perfect brands based on your unique profile


Our AI ensures you’re Qualifyi’d for franchise ownership


Resources are provided to learn more about your next steps


Once Qualifyi’d, you can move on to the matchmaking process!

Step 3

AI Recommendations

Our AI agent will present franchise options that best suit you


View franchise compatibility scores


Receive personalized franchise matches


Understand why each recommendation fits you and your goals

Step 4

Connect Directly with Brands

Reach out to your matched brands and explore the possibilities


Get in touch with your matches - FOR FREE!


Explore opportunities with franchise representatives

Pioneering Success

We’ve helped over 25k entrepreneurs

We work with over 4K Franchises

35+ years in Business


Having been deeply involved in the franchise industry, I’ve come across various tools and platforms that promise to connect potential franchisees with the right opportunities. However, ‘Qualifyi’ stands head and shoulders above the rest. Its unique AI-driven chatbot doesn’t just match; it understands and personalizes the process, ensuring each individual finds the franchise that resonates with their goals and personality. I’ve witnessed its accuracy and effectiveness first-hand. For anyone looking to embark on a franchise journey, ‘Qualifyi’ is my top recommendation. It’s a game-changer!

Why a Franchise?

Proven Business Model

Support & Training

Brand Recognition

Scalability & Growth


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